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"all about silk"

why choose our silk duvets?

  • 100% handmade.

This is a process handed down over hundreds of years:no bleach, no machines, no chemical additives.  The whole process involves more than 30 different procedures.

  • Made from 100% long mulberry silk.
    Mulberry silk is produced from silk worms, which feed on Mulberry leaves. Its filaments are finer and more consistent in width than Tussah silk, which is more suitable for use in silk fabric.
  • The top grade product on the duvet market.

From millions of cocoons, only those of the finest quality are carefully selected to serve as the raw material for our duvets.

It is classified as top grade and is certified by the National Inspection and Testing Centre for Fibre Products Quality. 

  • An ecologically sound product. 

Our silk is harvested from silkworms which feed on natural and pesticide-free mulberry leaves.

There is no usage of chemicals during the production process. The cocoons are washed and stripped in crystal clear water taken from springs 40 metres underground.

Uniquely, our duvets are Oeko Tex accredited – click here for more information.

  • Lightweight

Only a 100% handmade process where the use of chemicals is unnecessary, can produce the layered net like filling featured in PeonyBox duvets - other manufacturers' silk fillings do not feature layers that are as fine as ours so the air does not circulate as well within them.  This is precisely the reason why we can achieve the same warmth as other manufacturers' duvets weighing twice as much, therefore providing the additional benefit of lightness of weight.  The weight of a summer duvet is only 100g per square metre. Our process is highly skilled and labour intensive, which is why other suppliers will not manufacture in the same way. 


The filling is made by stretching out many mats of unspun silk to the size of the duvet.  Hundreds of stretched silk sheets are then hand-layered to form an even and stable filling.

Box-stitched squares are not necessary for our duvets. More importantly, if the duvet were "quilted", it would lose a lot of its warmth, as the sewn lines would diminish insulation and become "cold lines" across the duvet.

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All Peony Box duvets have been awarded Oeko Tex 100 certification
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